This is a unit on functions for an Algebra 1 class. It is designed for ten 50 minute class periods. The textbook I am using is Algegra 1 by Larson, Kanold, and Stiff. Technology used is graphing calculator (TI-82 or TI-83), Microsoft Excel, Geometer's Sketchpad, and a range finder.

Students should be familiar with GSP, Microsoft Excel, and the graphing calculator. Students have already been introduced to linear, quadratic, and rational equations. This unit is designed to provide them with an understanding of functions, transformations of functions, some function notation, and terminology.

Day 1: Relations/Functions

Day 2: Linear Functions

Day 3: Linear Functions continued

Day 4: Exponential Functions

Day 5: Quadratic Functions

Day 6: Quadratic Functions continued

Day 7: Rational Functions

Day 8: Rational Functions continued

Day 9: Review

Day 10: Test