JANUARY 10 and 12: Today (the 12th) and Monday were the first two days of class. One assignment is to keep a journal-not one of my favorite things to do. The first few days of classes has been over-whelming, as usual. Just listening to all that is required in each class is enough to quit before beginning. Uh.

JANUARY 17 and 19: I'm afraid that I did not take from class anything that would cause me to "reflect." That is not to say that the class was boring or anything.

JANUARY 24 and 26: My absence from the educational environment for over 20 years is sorely apparent as I sit and listen to the discussions about various subjects in the education arena.

FEBRUARY 14: This class followed my first "proofs" test, taken that morning. I felt that I had not totally bombed the test, so class was easier to sit through than if I had bombed the test.

Today we reviewed the states of Indiana and Texas. Listening to David talk about the Texas school system made me appreciate that my kids were able to go to the excellent schools in the Richardson School District outside of Dallas, Texas.

FEBRUARY 16: Today we continued our discussion about the good and the bad of state education and their accountability. I'm so glad that my kids did not have to go the school in my state of Louisiana!

Yesterday my first grandson was born! So needless to say, I am still excited about yesterday's events.

FEBRUARY 21: I missed today. I was in Virginia visiting my daughter before she left for over-seas for the next two years.

FEBRUARY 23: I returned home from my visit to VA. last night. My attention span was probably not the keenness that it could be.

FEBRUARY 28: Today Mike presented his paper. I had a hard time following exactly what was going on. It was interesting to see that we can disagree without offending the others-it's a relief to feel that though we may not see eye-to-eye, we can still respect the other's perspective on an issue.

MARCH 15: I was not very excited about the way today's presentation was handled. I felt as if I were being attacked by the one presenting the day's discussion.

MARCH 20: Today Tammy presented her topic about assessments. It was interesting to see the topic through the eyes of an experienced teacher. My presentation about problem solving will be a good follow-up for her topic.

MARCH 22: Today I did my presentation. I wasn't nervous, thank goodness. I thought that it went rather well. The men in particular enjoyed working the problems. One actually came up to me and told me that he had enjoyed the class. I was pleased. I hope Dr. Oppong was!


March 29: I dread doing a ten page report for the end of class. Mainly because I do not understand really what to do. I just have to keep telling myself not to panic, at least not yet! I guess that I still have some time before that button will be pushed.

April 3: Bob and Dr. Oppong presented information today about "distance-learning", the good aspects and the not so good. It was interesting to see what can be done today that we would not have even dreamed of when I was in school, eon ages ago. It caused us to think of the fesibility of using such technology with teaching math. It gave us food-for-thought.

April 10: Today David did his presentation about portfolios. I think that the concept is great. I relate it to the selecting of which of your child's artwork and school work (that is brought home every day by the armful) you decide to keep or throw away. At first a mom hates to throw any work away, but after she has a huge pile of work, with more coming every day, she learns what to keep and what to trash.

April 17: Today the topic presented was about cooperative learning, its good and bad aspects. Having kids work in groups can possibily be done, while using wise judgment to know when to use this method and when not to. Also the teacher needs to know how the students work together, and which combinations of students to avoid putting together. I really dislike it when the discussion turns to unnecessary argument over insignificant issues, thus hindering the flow of the presentation and discussion. The dwelling on a minute detail (at least for the purpose of the presentation) is so irritating, especially when the person will keep on arguing.


April 19: Tammy gave a power point presentation on assessment. She did a good job.

April 24: Today Robyn and I gave the presentation on communications. It seemed to have gone well. I did an activity that one would think would not be too hard, but it was amazing how difficult it was to give directions to the class to follow.

April 26: Today's presentations were on "connection" and "portfolio." David did an extension to his previous subject of portfolio. David is fun to watch when he gets into a topic and begins to express his views. I've enjoyed this class and the people in it. I agree with David's views as I stated before after his first presentation.