The goals set forth for this semester are as follows:


1. Visit several websites related to mathematics and mathematics education (especially algebra and geometry sites, since this is what I teach

2. Critiqe the sites (giving the target groups, what the site has to offer and possible use in a secondary setting)

3. Facilitate student web page design.

(I want to do for my students, what Dr. Wilson has done for us. This may include writing a guide for my students)

Problem Solving

1. Locate sites with rich problems, use the software applicatoins where appropriate in solving the problems.

Data Analysis

1. Locate sites with information that will drive data, then use to plot and/or analyze data.

Topics of Interest: The Olympics and the Presidential Election


1. Become familiar with Netscape Composer to create web page design.

2. Be able to edit my web page off site by using FTP.

3. Use the information beneficial to teaching and reaching my students this year.

4. Collaborate with classmates when appropriate.

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