Internet Locations

The use of the internet can be a valuable tool for teachers as well as students.
Internet Locations have been critiqued for quality of information, ease of moving throughout the pages, and overall design.  I have determined who would benefit from use of the sites.

General mathematics sites:

This website is very user friendly.  It can be used for students, parents, or teachers.  The most fascinating component of this website is the online grapher!  When given an assignment, students can graph equations as functions or as relations.  I was personally impressed with the capabilities of this program.
This site offers lessons and puzzles to teachers, parents and students.  I can not link to the site without written consent.
Some of the puzzles and lessons are elementary.  The Geometry related lessons involve polygons and circles.  Other topics include percents, number theory
This website gives basic instructions for how to set up a html document.  This could be useful for a teacher or student who may be interested in web page design, but needs some basics before beginning.  The only disadvantage is that it can only be viewed on-line.
The Rice University Department of Mathematics website is a good site for several reasons.  There are many resources available.  The site above is\

 A very interesting topic is the behaviour of
      the function f(x) = x sin(1/x) near x=0.
      Due to the finite pixel size, the graph becomes
      biased after some magnification steps, but
      the essential features may still be observed.