What I have learned from this project

Knowledge as we have known it

It seems to me that what I suspected I would be encountering was far different from what I actually found. The internet is changing the whole notion of knowledge and how it is obtained and exchanged. We are no longer required to pursue research in the same manner we once did. There is no need to look in an encyclopedia to find information, if you can just "Ask Jeeves" on the internet. We are no longer required to create challenging problems or finding solutions to them, if we can find it on the web. How will this effect our children's critical thinking skills?

What about the time factor?

One of the major concerns that I had as an educator with access to the internet is finding time to actually surf the net! When I decided to actually include the internet as my project, I had no idea how much time could be devoted to "surfing." And what is more baffling is the time commitment required when you are surfing with a purpose.

Teacher education

Will pre-service teachers be required to learn how to use lessons from the internet? How and when will they apply it to the field of mathematics education? Will a teacher's webpage be required before application to a school system? I believe there are some serious imminent implications within the field of education. I am just curious about who will be addressing them.

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