Sarah K Mason

I am an undergraduate Mathematics Education Major at the University of Georgia. I am from Tucker, Georgia, which is a suburb of Atlanta. I come from a close family and have a younger brother named Jacob. My main hobby is fitness and athletics. I participate in Triathlons and also enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and climbing.

Random Information

My favorite color is yellow and I love flowers, Curious George, and Dr. Seuss. I like to solve puzzles and read. I am fairly tall (5 foot 10) and I enjoy being around kids more than anything in the world. I also like animals, especially dogs and cats. My dreams and goals include settling into a cozy house with the perfect husband and having as many kids as I can deal with, plus lots of pets. I also hope to someday travel outside of the United States. I keep a journal of my thoughts, wishes, and daily activities. I also love to read and particularly enjoy reading classic literature.