Unit Test


Polygons in Pre-Algebra



Instructions: For problems 1 - , use GSP. Label your sketches to match the problem of the test. Print out your sketches when finished.

1. a) Construct a right triangle.

b) What properties of a right triangle did you use in your construction?


2. a) Construct a scalene triangle.

b) What properties of a scalene triangle did you use in your construction?

c) How can you use GSP to ensure that your triangle is scalene?


3. a) Construct a hexagon.

b) Is your hexagon regular? Explain your answer.


4. a) Construct an obtuse angle.

b) What defines an obtuse angle.


5. a) Construct a septagon.

b) Is your septagon regular?

c) What would define a regular septagon?


6. Construct a triangle in which the Pythagorean theorem cannot be used to find unknown side lengths.

Part II - Pencil-and-Paper


Instructions: Answer the following questions showing all scratch work on a separate piece of paper.

1. What is an acute angle?


Classify each triangle by its side lengths and angle measures.


For each triangle, find its unknown side length. (These are right triangles.) Round your answers to the hundredths.



6. a) What are the properties of a trapezoid?

b) Draw a trapezoid.


7. Is a square a rectangle? Explain your answer.


8. Is a parallelogram a rectangle? Explain your answer.


Find the missing angle measurement for each figure. All angle measurements are in degrees.



9. Write an equation that would help you find the measurement of angle c in a triangle whose other two angle measurements are 55 degrees and 41 degrees.

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