Buried Treasure
Nicole Mosteller EMAT 6690

While going through his grandfather's attic, a young man found an old letter detailing the location of a buried treasure on a nearby island. The letter said:

Upon arriving at the island, locate the Gallows, a Oak Tree, and a Palm Tree.

To locate the treasure, begin at the Gallows, walk to the Palm Tree, turn right 90 degrees, and

walk the same number of paces away from the Palm Tree. Mark this location.

Return to the Gallows, walk to the Oak Tree, turn left 90 degrees, and

walk the same number of paces away from the Oak Tree. Mark this location.

The buried treasure is located at the midpoint of the two marked locations.

Being a curious man by nature, the young man decided to use the directions on the letter to locate the buried treasure.

Finding the Palm Tree and the Oak Tree was no problem, but over the years, the Gallows had deteriorated with no clues remaining. Grief-struck, the young man left the island thinking that the treasure was to remained buried forever.

If the young man had a keen knowledge of Geometry,

he would have been able to uncover the treasure.

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