I am at the University of Georgia to study towards a PH dg in Mathematics Education. I am interested in understanding learning of mathematics and in finding ways to make that understanding significant to others, specially teachers of mathematics.

My teaching experience is diverse. I have taugh in middle schooll for one year in Portugal. I have taught Calculus for engineers, business, and biologists while T.A. at Cornell where I studied and won my Master Degree in Education.

My most significant experience in teaching was being T. A. of Professor David Henderson (see Experiencing Geometry link) at Cornell for his course of Geometry. In the last five years I have taught in Portugal prospective teachers History of Mathematics and Organization and Development of Curriculum. I had very interesting students that did very interesting projects in History of Mathematics.

I am original from Portugal, I am married 13 years now (Jesus!!! and I know him since 1984!) and I have two children, Vasco (10 year old) and Beatriz (20 month). I like to walk in forest and up the mountain ( I have made trails in the Adirondacks, in the Geres and in the Serra da Estrela). I love science fiction and historical romances. I also quilt (when I have time) and of course I also cook (even when I do not have time).