EMAT Assignment 5

Creating and Using GSP Scripts


Jamie Parker, Serkan Hekimoglu

The University of Georgia EMAT 6680

Dr. Wilson, Fall 1999


The write up for this assignment is to create a file on your home page

with links to various GSP scripts you have produced.


1. Centroid (picture, script)
2. Orthocenter (picture, script)
3. Circumcenter (picture, script)
4. Circumcircle (picture, script)
5. Incenter (picture, script)
6. Incircle (picture, script)
7. Medial Triangle (picture, script)
8. Orthocenter,-midsegment triangle (picture, script)
9. Orthic Triangle (picture, script)
10. Pedal Triangle (picture, script)
11. Center of Nine point circle (picture, script)
12. Nine point circle (picture, script)
13. Trisecting a line segment (picture, script)
14. Equilateral triangle, given one side (picture, script)
15. Square, given one side (picture, script)
16. Isosceles triangle, given base and altitude (picture, script)
17. Triangle Centers (H,G,C,I) (picture, script)
18. Triangle Centers with Euler Line (picture, script)
19. Locus of vertex of a fixed angle that subtends a fixed segment (picture, script)
20. Divide a segment AB into two parts that form the golden ratio (picture, script)
21. Pentagon, given a radius (picture, script)
22. Pentagon, given a side (picture, script)
23. Hexagon, given a side (picture, script)
24. Octagon, given a side (picture, script)


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