In this activity you will collect data, graph the results, and make conclusions concerning the graph.

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Collecting the Data

The class will simulate the wave beginning with a group of two students and increasing the number of students by two each time until all students have participated in the wave at one time. Each group should be timed from start until finish. Record the data in Excel. Before you begin, ask your teacher where you should save the data (hard drive or floppy). Click here to complete the chart using Excel.



Plotting the Data

Using the data collected above, create a scatter plot in Excel to display your results. You must open your saved document when you get to Excel. Place the graph below the chart. Be sure to include a title for the grap, x-axis, and y-axis. Put your name on the page and print a copy. Click here to return to Excel.



Analyzing the Results

Using your printed graph, answer the following questions.

  • Does the graph appear to indicate a linear relationship between the number of students participating in the wave and the time it takes to complete the wave?

  • Describe the relationship of the data (Hint: look at the slope of the line)

  • On your printed graph, draw the "Line of Best Fit" and write a prediction equation for the line.

  • Based on your equation, predict the following information:
  • Time it would take for 40 students to do the "wave".

    Time it would take for all EHS students to do the "wave".

    Please make a print out of this page and attach the data and graph page.

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