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Write-up 1: Constraints on the domain and range of a function: A graphical look at asymptotes.

Write-up 2: The horizontal shift: Parabolas in the form y=(x-h)2 + k.

Write-up 3: Using the graphical representation of the discriminant to solve ax2 + bx + c = 0

Write-up 4: Centers of a Triangle: The construction of the 9-point circle.

Write-up 5: Creating and using GSP scripts.

Write-up 6: Constructing a triangle from given medians.

Write-up 7: A contemporary method of discovering ellipses and hyperbolas.

Write-up 8: Altitudes and Orthocenters: A further look at the construction of 9-point circles.

Write-up 9: Pedal Triangles: When the pedal point P is the Circumcenter of a triangle.

Write-up 10: An introduction to Plane Curves and Polar Coordinates using the Graphing Calculator 2.1 software.

Write-up 11: Exploring the Polar Coordinate System us using the Graphing Calculator 2.1 software.

Write-up 12: Evaluating compound interest using Microsoft Excel.

Final Write-up: Ratios in a triangle.


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