Growing Strawberries


(Source: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, May 1998).


The number of strawberry plants that will yield a harvest of at least five pints costs $8.00. The water, fertilizer, and other supplies needed to grow one pint of strawberries cost $0.29. If you can sell strawberries to a store for $1.89 a pint, how many pints would you have to grow before you produce a profit of at least $1 per pint?

harvest: 5 pints = $ 8.00

..........or 1 pint = $ 1.60

supplies: 5 pints = $ 1.45

..........or 1 pint = $ 0.29

Cost to strawberry grower for 1 pint of strawberries: $ 1.89

Cost to strawberry grower for 2 pints of strawberries: $3.78

Microsoft Excel gives a quick overlook of the profit the strawberry grower will have if 102 pints of strawberries are grown:

Keep in mind the following:

a) x represents the number of strawberries

b) you must subtract the cost to grow a harvest + the cost of the supplies...which is $ 1.89.

c) hit the button to view the Excel spreadsheet


You must grow at least 2 pints to yield a profit of at least $ 1.00.

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