Shanti L. Howard

The unsolved problem

There was a whole lot more than just one problem that went unsolved for me. I feel as if I should have taken a lot more Mathematics or even how to Mathematics classes in undergraduate even though it was not required of the Middle School Education student. However, the one problem that baffled me for some strange reason (although life itself baffles me) was the Placing digits 0-9 in a pyramid and no digits could repeat and no digit was more than a single digit. It seemed as if every combination I came up with was great, however, I kept missing the fact that nothing could repeat and was no more than a single digit. I am still currently working on this problem.

I am not so sure that there is an absolute answer for this problem. Maybe there is no answer at all or maybe there is more than one answer, or maybe it is just debatable.

Let me know by sending me e-mail what you came up with so that I can take this problem back to my kids at the middle school level.


till then...

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