Assignment 11

Simulate the rolling of two dice and

find the probability of getting a sum of seven


by Patricia Johnson

The theoretical probability for getting a sum of seven after rolling two dice is 6/36 or 0.16666....

By generating random numbers from 1 to 6, it is possible to simulate the rolling of the dice; doing this as many times as you wish.

For this example, each experiment will represent 100 rolls after which the probability is calculated.

Each experiment is repeated 10 times and the average probability calculated to represent rolling the dice 1 000 times. This is repeated 10 times to simulate rolling the dice 10 000 times.

How does the experimental probability compare with the theoretical probability after 100 rolls,

1 000 rolls, and 10 000 rolls? As the number of rolls increases the experimental probability should approach the theoretical probability.

Click HERE to observe the simulation.