Rebecca Keeble

This is a short bio about a very time deprived individual. I work at McConnell Middle School attempting to pound abstract ideas into the concrete heads of eighth graders taking algebra and pre-algebra. This is my fourth year teaching and I can easily say that, short of motherhood, it is the most rewarding and fulfilling job that I have ever had. My previous jobs have included work with a computer company, then retail sales and management. These varied occupations have helped to prepared me for my present, and life-long career choice.

Helping me along the way are my husband, my two teenaged sons, two dogs, two cats, five fish, and an iguana named Maggie (exactly how the non-human critters have helped me is still under question). My present journey includes my taking classes at the University of Georgia working towards a Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education. My goal is to have this done by summer 2000. We shall see!!! This time deprived individual will survive!