by Kaycie Maddox

I have created a personal library of Geometer's Sketch Pad scripts as tools for doing constructions. These scripts allow me to make constructions in an efficient way as I use them to perform demonstrations for student groups at our high school as we pursue discoveries of Euclidean Geometry using GSP as a tool.

Here is my list of scripts that I have found worth saving. Remember to open Geometer's Sketch Pad before trying to use the scripts.

GSP Scripts

Angle Bisector

Center of a Nine Point Circle

Centroid of Triangle

Circumcenter of a Triangle

Circumcircle of a Triangle

Construct a Triangle

Equilateral Triangle, given side

Hexagon given a Side



Isosceles Triangle given the Base

Medial Triangle

Nine Point Circle

Octagon, given a side

Orthic Triangle

Orthocenter of a Triangle

Orhocenter, Midsegment Triangle

Constructing Parallel Lines

Pedal Triangle

Constructing Perpendicular Bisectors

Constructing Perpendicular Lines

Square given a Side

Triangle Centers (H,G,C,I)

Trisecting a Segment