My Biography

(Last updated: July 29, 2000)

After graduating from Florida State University (math major and minors in physics and ROTC), I immediately started graduate school so I could earn a MS in mathematical statistics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Va Tech) before joining the US Army. After receiving the degree, I was sworn into the US Army with a first assignment after initial military schooling to Vietnam "to win the hearts and minds of the countrymen" while we essentially occupied their country. (This "official" rationale still does not make sense after all these years.) My role in Vietnam was that of a logistical officer in support of the war effort.

While on active duty, I had one assignment in which I worked in research and development as a statistician and wrote several papers concerning mathematical modeling of weapon systems. While in Germany I supervised five courses of instruction and directly supervised the transition to self-pacing of those courses.

After moving to Georgia, I changed to reserve status and taught officers "how to go to war" by teaching them how to write battle plans. Additionally I taught mathematics in the evenings at Georgia Perimeter College (formerly DeKalb College) in Atlanta for 10 years. However, during the daytime, I was an insurance broker.

Now I am retired from the military, decided to abandon the insurance business and embrace my true love: teaching full-time as a third career. When I passed the Praxis II Test, I tackily stapled the results to my resume and was hired within one week to teach in Gwinnett county the last 2 1/2 months of the '98-'99 school year with a provisional certificate. So, I am taking courses here at UGA to qualify for the renewable certificate (ie for certification).

Beginning with the '99 school year I am now a Fulton County employee teaching at Centennial High School in Roswell, GA and love it. The first year was rough, but now I have experience dealing with high school students, and now I have a file of resources - both good and bad!

I am married, have three grown children (one is an electrical engineer, another is an English teacher in Savannah who is a UGA graduate, and the third, so far, has an associate degree). As for hobbies, I have run the Peachtree Road Race on the fourth of July every year since 1981 as a recreational runner and enjoy playing the piano.

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