Richard Moushegian

Objective of the Instructional Unit:

To supplement and reinforce high school geometry classes on Triangles using Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP)

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1. The lessons are based on 45-50 minute class periods.

2. Assumption: The student is familiar with angles and lines.

3. These lessons are loosely based on some of the ideas from Exploring Geometry with The Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP), by Dan Bennett, Burkley, CA: Curriculum Press, Inc, 1999 and Geometry, An Integrated Approach by RE Larson, L Boswell, and L Stiff, Lexington, Massachusetts: DC Heath and Company, 1995.

Table of Contents:

 Day 1: Intro to GSP Day 6: Congruence: HL
 Day 2: Triangle Classification Day 7: Pythagorean Theorem
 Day 3: Congruence: Definition Day 8: Pythagorean Converse
Day 4: Congruence: SSS,SAS  Day 9:Trigonometry
Day 5: Congruence: ASA,AAS Day 10: Assessment

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