This is a library of useful GSP scripts for my page and for your exploration. Please do not drink and explore, but enjoy. Most of the scripts are named in a way to easily identify its function.

After opening a script, you will have to open a GSP sketch in which the scipt will run.

Centroid - constructs the centroid G of any triangle.

Circumcenter - constructs the circumcenter C of any triangle

Incenter - constructs the incenter I of any triangle

Orthocenter - constructs the orthocenter H of any triangle

Fourcenters - constructs centroid G, circumcenter C, incenter I, and orhtocenter H all in one fell swoop.

Circcumcircle - constructs the circumcircle of any triangle

Euler line - constructs the Euler line of any triangle

Ninepoint - constructs the nine point circle of any triangle

Medial - constructs the medial triangle of any triangle

Orthic - constructs the orthic triangle of any triangle

Inner - constructs the "inner" triangle of any triangle...I don't know the real name for this triangle...

Trisect - trisects a line segment given three points, the first two define the segment to be trisected