Brief Bio

Dawn Leigh Anderson


The most interesting and unique information that I can offer about myself is that I grew up with my Great-grandparents, John and Olga Anderson whom I owe a great deal. Through hard work and a strong faith, they raised my twin brother, Shawn, and I in a humble home in Tampa, Florida. After leaving their care at the age of eighteen, I aspired to becoming a mathematics teacher. I attended the University of South Florida and graduated in 1990 with a B.S. in Mathematics Education. I journeyed immediately into the public school system in Tampa where I taught various grade levels of mathematics for four years. My desire for further education beckoned, so I began work on a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education at the University of South Florida. At the same time, I entered into the private school setting and taught secondary mathematics at Tampa Preparatory School. I graduated in December of 1995 with my Masters Degree in Mathematics Education. My thirst for knowledge grew leading me to enter the highly regarded Doctoral Program at the University of Georgia in the Fall of 1997 where I am currently pursuing my Ph.D in Mathematics Education. My interest in gender equity coupled with being a feminst has led me to work on a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies while at UGA.

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