Susan Ethridge

Welcome to my life. I am Twenty-seven years old. My birthday is July 31, 1970. I have been married since July 8, 1995. Before I was married, I was a student at UGA. There, I received my Bachlors Degree in Math Education.
I did not get a full time job as soon as I graduated. I decided to take a year off to get my head together. (17 straight years of school will mess anyone up.) In the fall of 1994, I obtained a teaching job in Gwinnett County. This was perfect, since I grew up in Gwinnett and really didn't want to leave. I have been teaching at Berkmar High School since 1994.

This year I am piloting a program for mathematics called Core Plus Math Project. In this class, the students are the investigators of the math problems. I really enjoy teaching this course, because I am not a note giver type of teacher and this is not a note taking type of course. Iam hopong that this program will be adopted by the county for the college prep level math courses.

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