Write-Ups for EMT 668

Write-Up 1 --An exploration of linear functions: their products, compositions, sums, and quotient
Write-Up 2 --A pedagogical explanation about graphing quadratic equations
Write-Up 3 --Various Parabolas and their equations
Write-Up 4 --Euler's Line and its classroom uses
Write-Up 5 --Some (hopefully) useful Geometer's Sketchpad scripts
Write-Up 6 --Explorations with Geometer's Sketchpad and medians of a triangle
Write-Up 7 --Tangent Circles using Geometer's Sketchpad
Write-Up 8 --Altitudes and Orthocenters using Geometer's Sketchpad
Write-Up 9 --Pedal Triangles and Pedal Points
Write-Up 10 --Exploration of Parametric Equations
Write-Up 11 --Polar Equation: Rose Curves, Limacons, and Cardioids
Write-Up 12 --Combining Science and Mathematics in the Classroom using Spreadsheets

Final Project --3 more write-ups and a survey of my ideas and thoughts

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