Michael Layden

Originaly I am from the Chicago area of Illinois. Actually I hail from 90 miles south of Chicago, but my hometown is too small to be recognized by anyone outside the immeadiate area. I attended college and graduated at a time of great internal conflict within the USA. No teaching positions were available in the immeadiate area, but Australia was recruiting and I was offered a position there. It seemed a reasonable alternative to the glorious vacation being offered in the Southeast Asian arena. I have swum, fished, snorkled, and hunted seashells along the length and width of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. I have climbed Ayer's Rock and ridden camels in Australia's center. I spent 16 years in the wilds of the Great South Land. I met my wife in the heart of the outback 350 miles northwest of Sydney. Her parents and mine actually live 80 miles apart. My oldest girl was born in Australia and has dual citizenship until her 18th birthday.

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