Transformational Geometry Unit


Robyn Bryant, Kaycie Maddox, and Kelli Nipper

This unit is intended to guide students through the study of transformational geometry of isometries using Geometer's SketchPad as the major tool for investigation and production. Students should work through each day's assignment, printing their results for teacher approval. After the investigations and productions have been performed, students will be asked to take a final assessment that will require them to use all that they have learned about transformations of isometries. Homework assignments each day will be answered in a journal that students must keep to write about the processes they have experienced and the discoveries they have made.

Day 1: Introduction to Transformations

Each student will begin to experiement with translations, rotations, and reflections.

Day 2: Properties of Translations

Each student will explore the various properties of translations, using distance and angles as well as vectors.

Day 3: Properties of Reflections

Each student will explore the properties of reflections.

Day 4: Reflections in the Coordinate Plane

Each student will explore reflections of pre-images found in the coordinate plane across given lines of reflection.

Day 5: Reflections Across Two Lines

Each student will explore reflections across two lines-those that intersect at oblique angles, at right angles, and not at all.

Day 6: Glide Reflections

Each student will explore glide reflections and the properties of them.

Day 7: Poolroom Math

Every student will explore the transformations involved in the game of pool.

Day 8: Symmetry in Regular Polygons

Each student will explore the symmetries found in regular polygons.

Day 9: Final Assessment-Part 1

Each student will have the opportunity to practice the lessons learned in transformational geometry by playing a game to move objects to a desired location through translations, reflections, rotations, and glide reflections.

Day10: Final Assessment-Part 2

Each student will have the opportunity to finish the transformational geometry game begun on Day 9 of the transformational geometry unit.