EMAT 6680 - Technology and Secondary School Mathematics

(Investigations & Discoveries in Mathematics)

The below EMT 668 writeups represent just some of the investigations done in this course. The investigations have been facilitated by the software packages of Geometer's Sketchpad, Algebra Xpresser, Excel, Theorists, Graphing Calculator and Xfunction.


Some of the writeups will have links to Geometer's Sketchpad which will allow you to see it all first hand. If you have sketchpad on your computer and you would like to set your browser up so that you can investigate on your own, click here. For those of you who don't own sketchpad, I will also provide a Java version of the investigation so that you don't miss out either (under construction).

Writeups for EMAT 6680

Writeup #1 - The Product & Quotient of Linear Functions

Writeup #2 - Investigations of the a special equation

Writeup #3 - "Getting to the ROOT of things."

Writeup #4 - "The pathways of patterns: (Orthocenter & Circumcenter)

Writeup #5 - The Sketchpad Library (Under Construction)

Writeup #6 - Alterations to the Directrix of the Parabola

Writeup #7 - Tangent Circles (Interior & Exterior Cases)

Writeup #8 - The Mysterical Sum of Ratios that Equals Four

Writeup #9 - The Pedal Triangle & the excircle (Long Load Time - Java Applets)

Writeup #10 - The Parametric Equation

Writeup #11 - Smelling the Mathmatical n-leaaf Roses

Writeup #12 - Adam & Eve Ant do exponential growth & decay (spreadsheets)

Final Part I - Triangle Mystery Revealed & The perfect volume

Final Part II - Thales & the perfect field goal angle.

Final Part III -- Thoughts & Reflections

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