EMT 668--Final--Part 2

Select and present your discussion or solution to one exercise/investigation from any of the assignments that meet each of the following criteria:

A. You felt you learned the most mathematics...Why?
B. You felt most satisfied/happy about...Why?
C. You felt show your best (most through? most creative? most useful?) effort during the quarter.
D. You felt that your doing the exploration/problem (not my assigning it to you) opened up new elements of mathematics for you...Why?

The one assignment of mine that I think fits these four questions best is Assignment 5: GSP Scripts and Images. This assignment was assigned but there was not anything specifically said about what must be in it. Coming into this class my knowledge of geometry was fairly limited and most of my knowledge was in proofs and SOHCAHTOA. Combine this with my disliking for proofs themselves, and you can see that I was not real fond of geometry. The contents of this assignment (centoids, orthocenters, euler lines, pedal triangles, etc.) opened up a whole new arena of geometrry to me that I never knew existed. These new concepts made me want to find out why some of these new things were true. In the construction of these new aspects of geometry, I was forced to really think about how I could construct the particular phenomenan with being given only definition. I will have to give a lot of credit to GSP because it enabled me to experiment with my hypothesis' without to many headaches along the way and easily change my construction when I found out that I had done something wrong. With the discovery of all these new concepts I found it a challenge to find a way to construct these concepts in a way that would differ from the general way of constructing them. Learning all the new concepts that were involved with the exploration of Assignment 5, I feel has made me feel much better about geometry.

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