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Assignments for EMT 668- Computers and Algorithms in the Mathematics Classroom


Write-up 1
Find two linear functions: f(x) and g(x) such that their product h(x) is tangent to f(x) and g(x) at two distinct points.

Write-up 2
An Investigation of second degree equations.

Write-up 3
Further investgations of second degree equations.

Write-up 4
Investigations of the centers of triangles.

Write-up 5
A collection of The Geometer's Sketchpad images and scripts.

Write-up 6
A proof that the area of a triangle created by the medians of triangle ABC is 3/4 of triangle ABC's area.

Write-up 7
A tutorial of tangent circles.

Write-up 8
An investigation of altitudes and orthocenters of triangles.

Write-up 9
An investigation of pedal triangles (specifically as the pedal point travels around the excircle of triangle ABC).

 Write-up 10
An investigation into parametric equations.

Write-up 11
An investigation into polar equations.

Write-up 12
A classroom laboratory comparing the effect of a container on the cooling of boiling water (using spreadsheets).

Many of the assignments may require GSP to download the images for animation.

Final Projects of EMT 668


 Final Project #1

Final Project #2

Final Project #3

Final Project #4


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