Welcome to my biography...let me tell you a little bit about myself.

This website is being created as requirements for a class that I am taking in my Master's program at The University of Georgia. I will graduate in Åugust 1998 with my Master's of Education in Mathematics Education (with a focus on middle school mathematics). Below are listed the classes that I have already taken or are in the process of taking.

Summer Quarter '97:

EMT 705 - Issues Teaching in the Secondary School Mathematics Classroom

EMT 635 - History of Mathematics

EPY 680 - Cognitive Foundations for Education

Fall Quarter '97:

EMT 668 - Computers and Algorithms in the Mathematics Classroom

EMT 699 - Research Seminar in Mathematics Education

EMT 728 - Teaching Number Systems in the Middle School

MAT 703 - Basic Ideas of Mathematics

Winter Quarter '97

EMS 303 - Introduction to the Middle School

EMT 600 - Geometrical-Educational Explorations inspired by the African Culture

EMT 699 - Research Seminar in Mathematics Education

EMT 729 - Teaching Geometry in the Middle School

MAT 703 - Basic Ideas of Geometry

Before arriving in Athens, Georgia I spent most of my time in Hillsborough, New Jersey. I taught for four years at Hillsborough Middle School, a National Blue Ribbon School.The school is located in central New Jersey and has approximately 1300 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Subjects that I have taught include 7th grade pre-algebra, enriched algebra, reading (all levels), and social studies. In the middle school many of my colleagues and I are involved in the New Jersey Statewide Systemic Initiative, a grant that provides us with the time to create units to integrate Math, Science, and Technology. For two of my years at HMS, I worked with two colleagues leading the school's Student Council. We organized many dances, an annual Lip Sync competition, an annual Penny Drive fundraiser and many other exciting events, such as the Student Council Lock - In.

My undergraduate degree is from Trenton State College (now known as The College of New Jersey). I was able to receive a degree in elementary education and also in mathematics. While I was at TSC, I was involved with the Ambasssador Program which worked with the Office of Public Relations to represent the college. We also helped to organize the freshmen orientation program.

My permanent home is in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the small, (but exciting town) of Doylestown. Doylestown is your typical small town USA, including Main Street and the local two-screen theater . We also have a lot of history with our very own Henry Chapman's Mercer Museum (a collection of early american artifacts), Mercer Tile Work, and the James Michener Art Museum. Outside of the borough of Doylestown offers just as much country living....there is so much to visit. You can visit via the web at Digital Doylestown.

My family owned a restaurant in Bucks County, called The Oak's Family Restaurant. It is in the little town of Pipersville, Pennsylvania; a place where everyone seems to know each other well. My older brother and his wife and my three younger sisters grew up working behind the counter and in the kitchen . We just recently sold the business after many years. Ironically, (or maybe not), my fiancee, Ron is also in the restaurant business.

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