Athens Technical College
Math 254

Winter Quarter 2003
Room 736

Instructor: John Weber
Office Hours: TBA
Homepage: http://www.john-weber.com/
Email: jweber@coe.uga.edu
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Homework will be assigned at the end of each class. It is essential to keep up with homework to do well in this class. Each homework assignment collected will be worth 10 points. Late homework will not be accepted for any reason. The lowest 5 grades will be dropped, to make up for the fact that homework may not be handed in late.


There will be 4–5 tests, each worth 100 points. Test corrections: due the next class period. On a separate sheet of paper, you need to include the correct answer with all required work AND an explanation of why your original answer is incorrect OR why your new answer is correct. You will receive UP TO 1/2 of the credit missed for each question.


This course moves very quickly, so attendance is critical.

Important Dates

February 7: Midquarter - this is the last day to drop the course with a W. If you drop after this date you will receive either a WF or a WP depending on whether or not you are passing the course.

January 20: MLK Holiday

March 17: Final Exam