In mathematics education today, it is considered of primary concern to involve along with the mathematics a history of this mathematics. This will enable the student of whatever age to gain a deeper insight and understanding and "real" knowledge. This timeline has been constructed to provide just such a basis. This page is a "link" to the past.

The timeline has been divided into two different outlines: one shows the evolution of the subject areas -- geometry and algebra; the other shows an integration of these with world events. This will benefit me most in my classroom because I need a running integrated timeline for reference, but I will also use the subject area timeline for topics relative to specific classes. At least, I think I will help lighten my load of research to be organized in a couple of different ways. Depending on your specific need, you may choose either of these outlines as a starting point. But, many of the links are the same. For instance, if there is a link in algebra to "Hix," and a link in geometry to "Hix," these two links will take you to the same page. This person just has contributions which are included in two of my outlines.

I intend to involve my students not only in the resource this timeline provides, but also in the additions to it. For instance, I do not have a "trigonometry" page. When I teach this course, I will have my students do some research into how we can add this and what should be included. I will also periodically have them do research on mathematicians or particular works which are not included here. Then we can add to the timeline. This will be a great experience for them to feel "published" in a sense. The opportunities are endless... We can have a contest each year to see which ONE student gets to add an entire page--sort of a mathematics "Hall of Fame."

Outline of the evolution of particular subjects

Outline of important events through history

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