EMT 669 (Winter '97)

Aarnout Brombacher

Using Computers in Mathematics Instruction

Instructional Unit: Area Relationships

I have prepared a two part instructional unit on area relationships. Each part can be used as a self contained unit or the two parts can be used as complimentary activities.

Three circle problem.......(Jim's Dilemma)

.A fascinating problem that has kept more than a few of us busy for a very long time - There is still a lot to be examined....... Even that may be flattering to the author as it suggests that something has been achieved.

Cycloids, Hypocycloids, Epicycloids, Hypotrochoids and Epitrochoids

An interesting exploration that looks at the power of GSP as a tool for the investigation of these curves.

Drawing Peano Curves

Rather than an investigation of Peano curves I take a look at building a GSP script that will draw Peano curves.