The Hot Buttered Croissants

Having a party - need a band???

Why not invite - the hot buttered croissants .

Aarnout - the chock-chip croissant and Dave - the almond encrusted croissant, are a popular duo singing all types of music from classical to hip-hop, jazz and the blues - they ARE the first choice for your party entertainment, product launches and other important events!!

Said - Sweet Genevieve - their greatest fan - "I will wear suspenders for these boys ANYDAY!!!!"

So don't hesitate to make contact.......

Below is a picture of the croissants relaxing with some groupies and a mean looking body guard (on the far left) - affectionately known as "J". It is left to the viewer to guess who is sweet Genevieve!

This next picture features the hot-buttered's begging for mercy from the female fans.

Thanks to Big-J our heroes are rescued and their dignity is returned.