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Jackie Cohen

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Just a little about me.

My EMT 668 Work
WRITE-UP #1: Assignment 1, Problem 3

WRITE-UP #2: Edit of Article from Assignment 3 (with reference to Assignment 2)

WRITE-UP #3: An exploration into Triangles using GSP

WRITE-UP #4: Cycloids and Such

Assignment 4 (In process)

WRITE-UP #5: An Exploration in the Fibonnaci Sequence

FINAL PROJECT #1: Graph of xy=ax+by+c

FINAL PROJECT #2: Some GSP sketches

FINAL PROJECT #3: The Lidless Box Problem - Using GSP, Excel and Algebra Xpresser

FINAL PROJECT #4: The Reduced Cubic

FINAL PROJECT #5: Triangle plus point P....

FINAL PROJECT #6: Tangent Circles

FINAL PROJECT PART 2: A Sampler of My Work

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