Final Project


Helene Chidsey and Lou Ann Lovin

Family of Hyperbolas

Considerations of the graphs of the equation,

xy = ax + by + c.

For an eploration of this equation click here.

GSP Scripts and Sketches

Construction of a rhombus, parallelogram, isosceles trapezoid, and an isosceles triangle given particular elements. GSP Page.

The Lidless Box Problem

Given a rectangular sheet of cardboard 15 in. by 25 in., what size square should be cut from each corner to produce a box with a volume of 400 cu. in.? What size square would produce the maximum volume? (The square cut from each corner needs to be the same size since we want to fold each side up along the cuts to form a lidless box.) Below are three ways to investigate this problem.

Click here to look at an Excel (Spreadsheet) investigation.

Click here to look at an Algebra Xpresser (Relational Grapher) investigation.

Click here to look at a Geometer's SketchPad (Interactive Geometric Environment) investigation.
This investigation is interactive. The user can see the dimensions and volume of the box change either by using the provided animation or by manually manipulating the box.

Ratio of Areas

Consider any triangle ABC and a point p inside the triangle. Draw lines AP, BP, and CP extended to their intersections with the opposite sides in points D,E, and F respectively. Various explorations based on this triangle can be viewed by clicking here.

An Exploration of Linear Functions

Combinations of operations (addition, multiplication, division, and composition) on various linear functions. Click here to view the investigation.

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