Tidbits About Lou Ann

An Autobiographical Statement

I was born in Asheville, N.C. but grew up in Charlotte and Gastonia. I attended N.C. State in Raleigh where I earned a B.S. in Computer Science. After graduation I married Ramsey Lovin, who was entering the Air Force to become a pilot. I often joke that if I had not married someone in the military I would have never traveled west of the Mississippi. After marrying someone in the military, I never lived east of the Mississippi. We lived in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. I went back to school in Oklahoma to become certified to teach secondary mathematics. The semester I student taught I was pregnant with our first son, Nathan. I also taught a night course in Modula 2 at the university and then a course in Pascal at the local community college. (Yes, I had the Melissa Hansek-Brill syndrome.) I taught mathematics for two years at a high school in Rapid City, South Dakota. We had another son, Jacob, and then we moved to Naples, Florida. Eventually we moved back to N.C. where I earned my M.S. in applied mathematics at Western Carolina University. While there I decided to go after a Ph.D. in mathematics education. And that's why I'm here!!!!! We also have a golden retriever that we named Savannah. The funny thing is, we got her nine years ago when we never dreamed we'd live in Georgia!

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