Journal Seven

This activity uses the graphing calculator and material from page 634 of Merril Advanced Mathematical Concepts.

Students read the following directions:

"You can use a graphing calculator to solve equations involving logarithms and exponents, just as you have used it to solve other types of equations. Once again, there are two methods that you can use to find the solutions to an equation. The first mentod is to graph both equations and find the x coordinate of the point of intersection. The second method is to transform the equation so that one side equals zero and find the x intercept of the graph. For exponential and logarithmic equations, the second method is often easier because it is easier to see where the graph crosses the x axis than to see the point of intersection. Of the point of intersection is near an asymptote and the gradual decrease or increase can make the point of intersection diffucult to find."

Students graph equations of the following type.


Students also use the shade option to graph inequalities and sketch the solutions. This activity preceeds the methods of algebraic solutions and discussion involves the appropriateness of graphic solutions.

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