Personal Links of Interest
These are some links that I find interesting or kind of fun.

On- Line Guitar Archive: This is a great site for guitar enthusiasts. You can find people renditions of some of your favorite songs. Recently, it's had trouble with copy-right laws, but hopefully you can find something of interest.

The Case: You can find a short murder mystery published at this site every week. They often have contests for solving the mysteries. If your interested in subscribing to this site, it won't cost you cent. All you need is an e-mail account.

Monty Python's Home Page: If you grew up at about the same time I did, you might have been part of the Monty Python cult. You can find scripts, jokes, and sound bites from all your favorite Monty Python Movies. they even have the complete script to the Holy Grail.

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I'll be adding more in the future.