This is a very unofficial (unorganized) copy of the things that I have done since I have been in graduate school.

- graduated with honors from Edinboro University.

-won the mathematics department award and graduated Summa Cum Laude

- was a couselor/instructor at Tim Brueggeman's tennis camp, Edinboro, PA (1990-1994)

- was a peer tutor for the University of Memphis Mathematics department

- received my Master's degree in pure Mathematics from University of Memphis

- taught Concepts of Numbers(4x) and Concepts of Algebra(once) at the University of Memphis

-taught MAT 205 at University of Gerogia (2x)

- supervised student teachers at the University of Georgia

- was a reviewer for the TME at the University of Georgia

- supervisor of preservice teachers while they were observing/instructing in the public schools

- taught at Andy Findlay's strength and speed tennis camp

- received graduate teaching award from Mathematics department, University of Memphis.

- assisted with various courses at UGA (EMT 336 (2X), EMT 468, EMT 515)

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