About Me

I have been a Graduate Student in Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia since the summer of 1994, and will be graduating with my Master's of Education this coming March. I graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1994 with an A.B. in Mathematics and Philosophy.

Currently, I am looking forward to teaching mathematics at the High School level, and I'm looking for an opening somewhere in the Greater Atlanta area.

My Husband, Joe, and I are both Yankees, having spent most of our lives in the Northeast. However, we love the warmth of Atlanta; both the weather and the people. Joe is an avid musician and audiophile; he has introduced me to music I never knew existed. He works at Rhythm City, a large Music store here in Atlanta. While Rhythm City is a great place to find instruments and audio equipment at very reasonable prices, the owner is too old fashioned to get a homepage together. Maybe that will be my next project.

We love listening to music, eating good food (especially Indian food), and watching thunderstorms.

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