Marc Lewis

The Autobiography

My legal name is Millard Marshall Lewis III, but from the beginning of my life, everyone called me Marc. This is much more than you wanted to know, but you clicked on the link on my page, not me.


I am married to the best wife in the world, the former Laurie Ann Russell. She is a nursing student enrolled at the Medical College of Georgia (actually at the satellite in Athens -- SONAT). She will graduate with a B.S.N. and be a Registered Nurse.


I am a student in the Mathematics Education department at the University of Georgia, and I will graduate at the end of summer quarter 1996 (assuming I survive MAT 437 winter quarter). Upon graduation, I hope to teach...... ANYWHERE! We are looking at places all across the state.


In terms of biography, which is required since this is an activity, I was born at Malmstrom A.F.B., Montana, on a cold December 23 back in 1970. I have lived in California, the Phillippines (if spelled wrong, please e-mail me), Florida, and Georgia (YAWN!!). I haven't done much in my 25 years, but I did graduate from Central Gwinnett High School.


I currently work at the University Bookstore, at the heart of campus. I work in the receiving dock, along with the other Wacky Receiving Guys. (If you know any of us, you'll understand)


I LOVE baseball, most specifically the best baseball team in the world, the Atlanta Braves . My favorite current Brave is Tom Glavine, though Ron Gant will always hold a special place in my baseball heart. And in case you think I'm a bandwagon fan, I've been a giant Braves fan since 1982 (this includes the Eddie Haas year).


I also LOVE comic books. I am technically the world's biggest Titans fan. The only Marvel I've bought in 4 years is a Fantastic Four book that my brother missed. My favorite character is Nightwing, who deserves his own book. I also collect everything with the words Justice League in it.


I hope to amend this in the future, but it's time to see if this will work. Thanks for reading!