Section 4-7 "Least Common Multiple"

Technology objective: Students will review how to create multiples with the TI-34 calculator to the least common multiple.

Lesson: After a discussion of multiples, review with students how to generate the multiples of a number using the TI-34 from their "lab" worksheets. To find the least common multiple of a pair of numbers they can generate multiples of the first number, and then generate multiples of the second number and then search for the smallest non-zero number they both have in common. Have them try this with several pairs of numbers.

Reinforcement: Have students find the least common multiple of three numbers of their choice. Record the numbers and the answer. Also, have the students tell you what numbers have the least common multiple of a given number. For example, you can ask what two numbers could have a least common multiple of 15. Have them explore if there are more than one solutions. They should also compare their answer with their neighbor's answer. Also have them exploring for other ways to find the least common multiple of a set of numbers. They can work in pairs to create a "system of finding the least common multiple" in their journals.