Chapter 5-5/5-6 "Adding and Subtracting Like and Unlike Fractions"

Technology objective: Students will use the results from the TI-34 calculator from addition and subtraction of fractions to determine how to add and subtract fractions on their own.

Lesson: Have the students work in pairs. Put the following problems on the board and have them enter these into the TI-34 calculator. (You may want to review how to enter fractions in the calculator by going back to their "lab" worksheets. ) It is up to the groups to record in their journals what they think "happened."

Put the following problems on the board:

1) +

2) +

3) +

4) +

5) -

6) -

7) -

8) 3 - 1


Have the students answer the above problems using their TI-34 calculator. They should be recording the problems in their journal, recording the answers in their journal, and explaining what happened for each problem in their journal.