My Project for EMT 670

It is my goal to develop a year long technology program for use with the Pre-Algebra classes at Elbert County Comprehensive High School. Pre-Algebra is the lowest level mathematics course taught at our high school. Therefore, it is my goal to ensure that these students receive exposure to all of the wonderful technology provided by our high school. Hopefully, this will lead to a solid foundation in all areas of technology that they can bring with them to the next mathematics course.

It is my intent to create a technology lesson(s) for each unit of our Pre-Algebra course. This lab will give the teacher the necessary resources, procedures, and teaching suggestions needed to successfully implement each area of technology. Because of Project LITMUS, all of our teachers are experienced at working with the technology. However, these labs are created with the needs of the lower level students in mind. (This can sometimes be a challenge!) I plan to complete about half of this project through EMT 670 and the other half for the remainder of my summer. Keep checking back to see the progress. Please offer any criticism or comments about the project to:

Michelle Lowry

email address :