Introduction to the TI-34

Objective: Students will learn how to use the TI-34 calculator. Students will become familiar with the calculators functions that they can use in the future. Students will apply what they have learned by completing a project over each new capability they master. The students will also be expected to articulate their findings.

Materials: A class set of TI-34 calculators and worksheets.

Time: 1-3 days

Level of difficulty: Easy

Summary of today's lesson: Using the TI-34 calculators students will:

1) Learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.

2) Explore different patterns.

3) Experiment with different function keys on the calculator such as the backspace key and the fix key.

4) Try different modes, explain what they think each mode means, and how they could apply the mode in the future.

5) Learn how to store numbers in memory, recall memory, and clear memory.

6) Inquire about the order of operations and how the calculator can perform this task.

7) Work with several keys that can provide "shortcuts."

8) Examine real world situations involving the use of the TI-34.

Conclusion: This lab should help the Pre-Algebra student to feel comfortable with the technology they are given and allowed to use. They should have a strong foundation so that future applications and investigations can be explored without any hindrances. Also, the worksheets should be kept in a notebook that is used in the classroom. This notebook can be added to in the future as they learn new things. Also, students can use this notebook as a reference.

(*NOTE*) These worksheets can be used in combination or they can be used separately with each section. I feel a general overview of all of the calculators functions is essential. This gets them comfortable with the calculator and helps them review some of the basics.