My Life, by September Matteson

I come from a circus family. A fun but a hard life its been. When I was a young child, I mastered the trapeze. Then I perfected sword-swallowing. As a teenager I tamed lions, tigers, and bears. Eventually there was nothing left for me to learn at the circus so in September of 1992 I enrolled at the University of Georgia to study mathematics education. Ever since then my life has been full of excitement and adventure. Sadly enough in a few short months this period of my life will be over and again I will be embarking on a totally new and exciting adventure. This adventure will begin in a Georgia public high school. I hear that my trapeze and sword swallowing skills will be invaluable. Hopefully I will still have time to enjoy the hobbies that I have grown to love. Cooking then eating ranks #1 with me. In my spare time I try to work off the damage I have done by cooking and eating. I also enjoy playing the piano and watching movies. That's all for right now. Stay tuned for another update.