My full name is Elizabeth Derelle McFarland, and for some strange reason my parents chose to call me by my most unusual middle name. Although I love the name now, it is always a pain to correct my teachers to get them to call me my "name". My advice to any expectant parent is to call your child by their first name!

I was born in Georgia on November 4, 1975, and I have lived here ever since. You could say I've lived a sheltered life. I've only flown once, to Minnesotta and I've never been farther west than Mississippi.

I have two sisters, one 25 and the other 19. My younger sister and I are very close. She was accepted to UGA this year, but she chose to take a year off and "live life". I miss her dearly.

My mother, Charlotte, is incredible. She raised all three of us girls on her own and did a wonderful job. In 1993 she married Alex Neal, who is now my stepfather and whom I'm growing to care about deeply. I'm glad that my mom has someone to take care of her because she has always taken care of us, and now we've all left home. Although I must admit my home is only an hour away, and I visit very often.

My father, Darryl (hence the name Derelle) and I aren't nearly as close and I believe that has to do a lot with my stepmonster. She is a very unusual person who for the last 10 years has not been willing to share my dad with us.

Joey McMenomy is my boyfriend of three years. He is a Criminal Justice major here at the University and is also a Junior. We've been dating since our Senior year, but we went to rival high schools. He attended South Gwinnett and I attended Brookwood. Joey proposed to me February 19, 1997. It was very sweet and I was very surprised. We have a tentative date set for August 1998. Together we love and nourish our kitten, Boo. And believe me it takes both of us, she is a huge responsibility, and very expensive. But she is worth it!

Most of my time outside of studying and Joey goes to my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. I was just elected President and although I'm a bit nervous I am looking forward to the responsibilty and the challenge, but this is only my first week, so we'll see!

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