Something about me.

I was born in Southern California and transplanted in the south when I was 10 years old. I attended Furman University from 1986-88, where I competed for a div 1-AA national championship in football. After an ankle / knee injury, I left Greenville and recieved an AA degree from a juco in Tallahassse, TCC. I started back to school two years ago, about the same time I started coaching C- team football at Cedar Shoals High School. C- team football is made up of kids in the seventh and eighth grades. In 1996 the varsity football team at Cedar competed for a AAA State Title. I am working toward my b.s. in mathematics education. I also work as the head line cook at the EAST WEST BISTRO in downtown Athens. I invite everyone to stop by and have dinner with me. I may not know my way around this computer yet, but a kitchen is another story.