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Here is a link to my javasketch that can be used to explore scale factor.

Scale Factor


1. Start square with area 1. Imagine this square was folded evenly by having the 4 vertices all meet at the center of the square.

What happens to the area of the square when we unfold the four vertices from the center? What is the new area?


2. Let's imagine our new square has been folded so that the 4 vertices all meet at the center. If we unfold the four folds, what will the resulting area be?

3. What happens to the area each time we unfold these vertices from the center?

4. What would happen to the area if we folded the vertices in to the center of the square? If our square has an area of 1 and we fold the four vertices in, what would be the resulting area?


Here's the original GSP file that I intended to use for scale factor.  It will elaborate a little more than the Java Sketch above.

Original Scale Factor Sketch