Jack Sarfaty

At University of Georgia
April, 1997

After spending five grueling years here at the University of Georgia for two undergraduate degrees (A.B. Statistics and B.S. Ed. Mathematics Education), I have come back for more. I have taken a leave of absence from Parkview High School in Liburn, Georgia to come back to UGA as a full-time graduate student. Hopefully, I will attain a Master's Degree in Mathematics Education in time enough for me to return to Gwinnett in the fall of 1998.
Before I go any further, I owe a debt of thanks to a few people:
I first would like to thank Dr. Jim Wilson for tolerating me as an undergrad and continuing to help me this year. Thanks also go out to Mr. Percy Mack at Redan High School for giving me my first shot in education. One last person that I am endebted to is Mr. Don Spence, who is now at Pierce County High School (Ga.), for allowing me to become a Parkview Panther.
I grew up in Tucker, Georgia and graduated from Tucker High School in 1988.
I am one of the biggest sports fans in the world and I'm completely engrossed in any and all sports on television. Sportscenter is the greatest show on television, and life is not the same without Keith Olbermann on the big show. If you would like to check my progress in my hockey rotisserie league, click here: Athens Ice Dawgs.

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